Street Flow 2 Cast and Characters Full Details and Their Instagram

The popular French social issue drama film Street Flow 2 is here and streaming on Netflix. The Director of this film is a popular film producer, writer, and director Leïla Sy who is best known for the Comedy Film Yo mama (2023).

Street Flow 2 is the sequel of the 2019 film Street Flow. In this film, Kery James played the lead role as Demba. The film Street Flow 2 is set two years after its previous film Street Flow. When Demba is about to die, he wants to change his life completely. At the same time, Demba’s two brothers are also struggling with difficulties in their lives.

Through this article, we will introduce you to all the aspects related to the personal life of all the Characters of Street Follow 2, so that you will be able to know their biography, age, net worth, family, Instagram and life story very well.

Movie NameStreet Flow 2
Other TitleBanlieusards 2
GenreCrime, Drama
Original LanguageFrench
Country Of OriginFrance
Created byKery James
Directed ByLeïla Sy
Running time1h 36min
Release Date27 September 2023
Production CompanyLes Films Velvet, Srab Films
Distributor PartnerNetflix
Street Flow 2 Crew

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Street Flow 2 Cast and Characters

Kery James as Demba

Demba is the main character of this story, in the story of this film Demba wants to change himself before he dies. So that he can live peacefully in his remaining life. The character of Demba is played by French popular singer, dancer and actor Kerry James.

Kery James
Kery James

Kerry James’ real name is Alix Mathurin. Kerry was born on 28 December 1977 in Guadeloupe, France. Apart from being a singer, he is also a good song writer and rapper. He is best known for his French solo albums Dernier MC (2013), J’rap encore (2018) and live album À mon public (2010). He is available on Instagram with 456 K followers. His Instagram ID is “keryjamesofficial“.

Bakary Diombera as Noumouké

Noumouké is the brother of Demba. He also struggle for better life. The role of Noumouké is played by Bakary Diombera. Bakary Diombera is France actor and influencer. he worked in more than 15 films and short films.

Bakary Diombera
Bakary Diombera

Bakary Diombera‘s popular movies are Street Flow (2019), Lucky (2020) and The Takedown (2022). He has 22.1 K followers on his Instagram accounts. His Instagram ID is “Bakary Diombera”.

Jammeh Diangana as Soulaymaan

Jammeh Diangana
Jammeh Diangana

Jammeh Diangana plays the role of Soulaymaan. Soulaymaan is the third brother of Demba. Jammeh Diangana is a French actor from Greater Paris Metropolitan Region. He is best known for the movies Street Flow (2019) and Street Flow 2 (2023). He has 17.5 k Instagram followers. His Instagram ID is “jammehdiangana“.

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Cherine Ghemri

Cherine Ghemri
Cherine Ghemri

Cherine Ghemri is French actress and singer. She is best known for films Street Flow (2019), NTO Invisible (2021), Jet Lag (2021), Tenor (2022), and Street Flow 2 (2023). Her instagram ID is “cherine.ghe“.

Sana Sri as Hakima

Sana Sri
Sana Sri

Sana Sri plays the role of Hakima who is the supporting cast of this Movie. Sana is best known for the movie You Resemble me (2021), Réelle Vie (2021), and Street Flow 2 (2023). She is available on Instagram with 431 followers. Her Instagram ID is “sana_sri“.

Kadi Diarra as Khadijah

Khadijah portrayed by Kadi Diarra. Kadi Diarra is well known French actress from Paris. She is best known for Suit Noire (2009), Le crocodile du Botswanga (2014), Hippocrate (2019) and Street flow 2 (2023). She is not available in any social media profile like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Mahamadou Coulibaly

Mahamadou Coulibaly is French actor who worked in more than 20 movies. He is best known for No Limit (2013-2015), American Renegades (2017), I Just Wanted to Go Home (2017) and Access (2018). He is not available on Instagram and Facebook.

Faued Nabba

Faued Nabba is French actor, model, singer and composer. He is best known for Chouf (2016), Santa Cie (2017), and Gold Brick (2023). He is not available on Instagram.

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