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Basic info-

Full NameShri Palam Kalyana Sundaram
Date of birthAugust 1940
Place of BirthMelakarivelamkulam,Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, India
FatherNot Available
Mother Not Available
ProfessionRetired Librarian, Social Worker

Who is Palam Kalyana Sundaram and why is palam Kalyana Sundaram so famous?

Shri Palam Kalyana Sundaram is an Indian Retired Librarian and Social Worker. Who known for his humanity, Kindness and Charity. He donate all his earnings from his job,pension and winning prize money more than 30 Crore INR (3.6Million Dollar) to needy people.

palam kalayanasundaram
palam kalayanasundaram

Palam Kalyana Sundaram education school/college

Shri Palam Kalyana Sundaram Did his schooling from his nearest government school. He did Bachelor degree in Arts from St. Xavier College. He wanted to study his master degree in Tamil but his college didn’t have Tamil specialization at that time. His college management wanted to convinced him for change his subject specialization but palam ji not agreed for that. MDT Hindu college founder Karumuttu Thygaraja Chettiar impressed from his behaviour and happily agreed to admit Palam ji with less fees.

He say About Karumuttu Chettiar –

I can never forget those days, especially the kindness of Chettiar ji

He also studied Library Science from Madras University. He was gold Medalist in Library Science.

Palam Kalyana Sundaram Physical Appearance

Palam Kalyana Sundaram Height

Shri Palam Kalyana Sundaram is 5ft 4 inch approximately 163 cm.

Palam Kalyana Sundaram weight

Shri Palam Kalyana Sundaram is 52kg approx.

Palam Kalyana Sundaram age

At August 2022 Palam Kalyana Ji Completed 82 years. Now his age is running 83 years.

Palam Kalyana Sundaram Eye color

Shri Palam Kalyana Sundaram Eye Color is Black.

Palam Kalyana Sundaram Hair Color

Shri Palam Kalyana Sundaram hair color is white.

Shri Palam Kalyana Sundaram Networth/ Salary

Sri Palam Kalyan Sundaram ji donated all the salary he earned from his job, about Rs.10 lakhs from his pension and about Rs.30 crores received in awards for social service works to the poor, needy people and government social service fund and He has been donating in social service for the last 30 years, so he himself does not have any money or property.

Palam Kalyana Sundaram wife

Shri Palam Kalyana Sundaram ji Unmarried. Instead of tying himself to anyone by marriage, he considers social service as his life, so he did not get married.

Palam Kalyana Sundaram family

He is 83 years great human being who dedicate his whole life to social service and did not get married to anyone and thus he has no any family.

Palam Kalyana Sundaram story and biography

His early Life

Palam Kalyana Sundaram ji born at August 1940 in Melakarivelamkulam village, Thirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu. His father passed away when he has only 1 year old. His mother raised him.

His mother taught him 3 lesson –

  • never be greedy for money.
  • spend a part of your income in a noble cause.
  • do at least one act of kindness a day.

He say About his childhood struggle –

Then there were only thirty houses. No road, no school, no electricity and no shop. I used to study under kerosene lamp or candle light till I was 10 years old.

Suicidal thoughts

Despite being a boy, Palam ji’s voice from the beginning was thin like that of girls, due to which he lacked confidence and hesitated to talk to people. Even he wanted to commit suicide due to this inferiority complex but a motivational writer told him-

Don’t worry at all about how you speak. rather do something that people will say good about you

Beginning of social service

When Kalyana Sundaram ji studying library science from Madras University at 1962. At that time the Indo-China war was going on and Nehru ji was appealing to the people to provide financial assistance.

KalyanSundram Ji Tells-

I was listening to Nehru ji’s request on the radio to contribute to the Defense Fund. I immediately went to Chief Minister Kamaraj ji and gave my gold chain. I was probably the first student to do so.

The local news media covered Kalyanasundaram ji’s work, and the Chief Minister himself was so moved by his deed that he was honoured on May Day in 1963.

Kalyansundaram ji wanted that the matter of donating his gold chain should be published in the popular magazine of that time, Anand Vikatan, so that more people would also be inspired to contribute to the defense fund. But the resolution of the magazine S. Bala Subramanian drove him away.

Kalyana sundaram Ji says-

They chased me away saying that I will write something about you the day I donate something that I have earned myself. After that I didn’t say a word to anyone about what I did. I took it as a challenge.

His Librarian Job and Social Work

He worked as a librarian at Kumarkurupara Arts College in Srivaikuntam for 35 years after finishing his studies. He used to donate only a small portion of his earnings to charity in the beginning, but he soon began donating his entire earnings to charity and began doing odd jobs to meet his expenses.

“I have slept on footpaths and on railway platforms, without a roof over my head, to understand what it is like to be poor,”

says Palam Kalyanasundaram.

Many times, his students observed Kalyansundaram ji doing this and later approached him, saying, “Today, we saw a duplicate of you on the platform… just like you!” And Kalyansundaram ji would have laughed when he heard this.

I am a bachelor, and I have very few personal needs, he claims. I control my spending by taking up odd jobs at hotels, launderettes, etc. I simply don’t want anything to be mine. The day I was chosen as “Man of the Millennium” by an American organisation and gave the award money of Rs 30 crores to charity was actually one of the best times in my life. Everything is therefore a condition of mind. What do we ultimately take with us when we depart from this world?

says Palam Kalyanasundaram.

How the world came to know about Palam Kalyanasundaram ji

Kalyanasundaram ji worked quietly and never made an effort to draw attention to it. He chose to donate it as usual after receiving Rs 1 lakh in arrears from UGC in 1990. He presented this money to a charity for the higher education of orphan children after visiting the District Collector.

Even against his wishes, the collector revealed this to the media, which allowed for the public exposure of this amazing man’s life story. Following that, the process of recognising him began at home and abroad.

Palam Kalyanasundaram rajinikanth

When popular actor Rajinikanth, who also engages in extensive volunteer work, learned about him, he too bowed in homage to the guy and chose to adopt Kalyanasundaram as his father.

Kalyansundaram ji was content in his cramped room and declined Rajinikanth’s desire to bring him home and keep him with him.

Palam Kalyanasundaram trust

After his retirement in 1998, Palam ji deposited 10 lakh rupees received from his pension in collector fund and thus Palam Trust was born.

His organisation now serves as a conduit between donors and recipients and is at the forefront of aiding in the education of children, the care of the ill, the assistance of those with disabilities, and the relief of those impacted by natural disasters.

Some interesting and lesser-known facts about Palam Kalyanasundaram

  • Palam Kalyanasundaram ji is the first and only person in the world who gave all his earnings to charity.
  • The Great Human Being, Whom Superstar Rajinikanth Has Adopted As His Father.
  • Palam Kalyana Sundaram ji has been included in the list of outstanding people of the 20th century by the united nations.
  • Palam Kalyana Sundaram ji has been awarded “Man of the Milennuim” award by an American organization.
  • From Palam Kalyana Sundaram ji to former President of America Mr. Bill Clinton wanted to meet during his visit to India.
  • Palam Kalyana Sundaram ji has been recognized by the Government of India as the “Best Librarian of India”, and
  • Which `The International Biographical Centre, Cambridge has given the honor of ‘one of the noblest of the world’

Despite being over 82, Kalyanasundaram ji takes no time to build rapport with children and youth. He narrates an incident when he started wearing Khadi.

I had to speak in college about Gandhiji’s simplicity and his ideals, and I was standing there in expensive clothes. That’s when I decided that from now on I would wear Khadi.

Really, in honor of this great man, feelings of love and respect automatically arise from the heart, many salutes to such a brave son of India.

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