Romancham star cast real name, photo, biography, facts, and more

Romancham is a very popular horror comedy web series directed by Jithu Madhavan. In this article, we will give you all the information related to its star cast name, photo, biography, and many more facts.

Romancham Star Cast

In general, we divided its star cast into two categories. The first category is Romancham lead character or Main Character and the second category is the Supporting Cast (Characters).

Romancham Lead Character (Main Character)

Soubin Shahir

(1) Soubin Shahir – Saubin is a Tamil and Malayalam actor, besides he is also a director and producer.Soubin has played the role of Jibi in Romancham.

Soubin has worked in Premam, Kumbalangi Nights and Sudani From Nigeria etc.Out of which Premam became the most popular due to the role of PT teacher in the film.

sajin gopu

(2) Sajin Gopu – Sajin Gopu is a Malayalam and Tamil actor who has worked in the films Churli and jan e Man.

Sajin Gopu plays the character of Nirup in Romancham.

Siju Sunny

(3) Siju Sunny – Siju Sunny is a Malayalam actor.Prior to Romancham, he has predominantly worked in a Malayalam film.

Siju Sunny plays the character of Mukesh in Romancham.

Arjun Ashokan

(4) Arjun Ashokan – Arjun Ashokan is a famous actor and famous dancer of Malayalam film.

Arjun Ashokan is very popular in social media.

Arjun Ashokan plays the character of Sinu in Romancham.

Aazim jamal

(5) Assim Jamal – Assim Jamal is an Indian Malayalam actor who has worked in some South films.

Apart from this, Assim Jamal has worked in Malayalam films like Anwar, Honey Bee, Rajadhiraj and Anarkali.

Assim Jamal plays the character of Benny in Romancham.

Chemban Vinod Jose

(6) Chemban Vinod Jose – Chemban Vinod Jose is an Indian actor known for his works in Malayalam film industry.

Chemban Vindo Jose has given many hit movies in Malayalam like Thamasha, Porinju Mariyam Jose, Puzhikkadkan, etc.

Chemban Vinod Jose plays the character of Sayed in Romancham.

Romancham Supporting Cast

Deepika das

(7) Deepika Das – Dipika Das is an Indian TV actress who predominantly works in Kannada and Telugu language films.

Dipika Das has also appeared in the Kannada reality show Bigg Boss Season 9 which was hosted by Kiccha Sudeep.

Deepika das plays the character of Nars Nayana in Romancham.

Pooja Mohanraj

(8) Pooja Mohanraj – Pooja Mohanraj is a Malayalam film actress who works as a trainer, curator, performance producer and arts manager.

Pooja Mohanraj is a Malayalam film actress who works as a trainer, curator, performance producer and arts manager.


(9) soorya kiran – Surya Kiran is a popular actress in which Surya Kiran has played roles in Thuriyam, Karumpuli.

Apart from Thrilham, Surya Kiran has also appeared in Tamil hit songs like

Jolly Chirayath

(10) Jolly Chirayath – Jolly Chirayath is an Indian Malayalam actress, who works as a supporting actress.

Jolly Chirayath has appeared in many Indian Malayalam films such as Angamaly Diaries, Virus, Aida, etc.

Played the role of Seenu’s mother in Jolly Chirayath Romancham

Afzal PH

(11) Afzal PH – Afzal P H is an Indian Malayalam film actor who will be seen in Afzal P H film Romancham

Afzal P H is playing the role of a Karikuttan (Hari) in the film Romancham

Abin Bino

(12) Abin Bino – Abin Bino is a South Indian Actor who has worked in movie Saras before Romancham.

Apart from this, Abin has also worked in a TV mini-series called Othalanga Thuruthu.

Abin Bino is playing the role of a Shijappan in the film Romancham

Anantharaman Ajay

13.Anantharaman Ajay – Anantharaman Ajay is a South film actor.

Apart from this, Anantharaman Ajay is also a YouTuber.

Anantharaman Ajay is playing the role of a Rivin in the film Romancham

Joemon Jyothir

14.Joemon Jyothir – Joemon Jyothir is a South film actor.

Apart from this, Joemon Jyothir is also a Gauthamante Radham.

Joemon Jyothir is playing the role of a DJ Babu in the film Romancham

Romancham Director

jithu madhavan

15.Jithu Madhavan – Jithu Madhavan is a famous South film director.

Apart from this, Jithu Madhavan Guppy has worked as an assistant director.

Romancham Producer’s

John Paul George

16.John Paul George – John Paul George is a famous South film Producer.

Apart from this, John Paul George has also appeared in films like Mariyam Tailors, Enthada Saji, Ambili and Guppy.

girish gangadharan

17.Girish Gangadharan – Girish Gangadharan is a famous South film Producer.

Also Girish gangadharan has done Vikram, Jallikattu, he has produced films like Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil.

Romancham Other Supporting cast

agadeesh Kumar, Sreejith Nair, Thankam Mohan, Jolly Chirayath, Sreejith Nair, Hariharan Chennai, Yadhu Shyam, Mimicry Gopi,

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