Chhipkali star cast real name, photo, review, facts, and more

Chhipkali is a very popular drama thriller movie directed by Kaushik Kar, in this article we will give you all the facts related to its star cast name, photos, review and many more facts.

Chhapkali is one such film which has a lot of talented actors and directors. Some of the artists are Yashpal Sharma, Yogesh Bhardwaj and Tannishtha Biswas. The producers are Meemo and Sarvesh Kashyap, and Kaushik is the director. Yashpal has said that ‘Chhipkali’ is his best film till date and Kaushik is directing it.This movie is adapted from the book Chhayajapon by famous writer Vinod Ghosal.

Chhipkali Movie Review

Chhipkali is a thriller and drama film, in which people try to hide their secrets from others. But in reality, someone is always watching. This film is meant to warn such thinking people that their secrets cannot always be hidden.

Chhipkali Star Cast

yashpal sharma

(1) Yash pal sharma – Yashpal Sharma is a good actor in the Bollywood cinema world, on the basis of his acting, he has earned a good name in Bollywood.

Yashpal Sharma has given many other hit films apart from the film chhipkali. Best known for acting in film like Gangaajal, Apharan, Well Come To Sajjanpur, Rawdi Rathor

Yashpal Sharma has played the character of Alok Chaturvedi in the film Chhipkali.

Tannishtha Biswas

(2) Tannishtha Biswas – Tannishtha Biswas is an Indian Bollywood film actress who has occasionally appeared in Hindi films.

Apart from the film Chhipkali, Tannishtha Biswas is known for films like Hiralal, A River in Heaven, Kalkokkho.

Tannishtha Biswas has played the character of Bidisha in the film Chhipkali.

Yogesh Bhardwaj

(3) Yogesh Bhardwaj – Yogesh Bhardwaj is an Indian Bollywood film actor who has played small and big roles in many movies.

Apart from the film chhipkali, Yogesh Bhardwaj is known for short roles in films like Malaal, Satellite Shankar, lost, Chappar Phaad Ke,

Yogesh Bhardwaj has played the character of Rudraksh Roy in the film Chhipkali.

Koushik kar

(4) Koushik kar – Kaushik Kar is an Indian film director and actor, known for his works predominantly in Hindi cinema.

Kaushik Kar has worked in many other movies and TV shows apart from Chhipkali, his film names are Pornomochi, Dwikhondito, Mahishasur Marddini, Mission Everest, Byomkesh, Ek Je Chhilo Raja

Koushik kar has played the character of director & actor in the film Chhipkali.

Nabonita Dey

(5) Nabonita Dey – Nabonita Dey is an Indian Bengali actress. She is best known for playing the role of Maya Chatterjee in the Colors Bengali romantic drama serial Mon Mane Na.

Apart from this, Nabonita Dey has worked in many television serials like Khirer Putul, Jeeban Saathi and Amader Ei Poth, Jodi Na Shesh Hoye.

krishnendu adhikari

(6) krishnendu adhikari – Krishnendu Adhikari is an Indian actor who primarily works in Bengali theater and films.

Krishnendu Adhikari Since his debut as an actor, he has also worked in several acclaimed theater productions and independent short films.

Apart from the film Chhipkali, Krishnendu Adhikari has also worked in films like The Bait, Goyenda Junior, The Senapatis Vol-1, one.

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