The Murderer Movie (2023) Cast and Crew Review, Plot & Everything You need to know

The Murderer Movie (2023) is an upcoming Drama, Comedy, and Romance Movie directed by Wisit Sasanatieng and written by Abishek J. Bajaj.

Phetthai Vongkhamlao, Eisaya Hosuwan, and James LaverJake will be seen in the lead roles in this movie. In this article, the real name, photos, biography, facts, and more of the cast and crew of the Netflix movie The Murderer Movie (2023) are revealed.

Also appearing in supporting roles are Jonathan Samson, Sawanee Utoommar, Chananticha Chaipa, Boonyarit Wiangnon, Sunaree Ratchasima, and Thanavisutt Chene Battiata.

The Murderer Movie (2023) Plot and Review

The only witness standing between a British man accused of killing his Thai in-laws and his innocence is his wife. A dedicated detective searches for the murderer after many people are found dead in a small provincial town, and the British ex-pat Earl is the main suspect.

The Murderer Movie (2023) Plot and Review
The Murderer Movie (2023) Plot and Review

The Murderer Movie (2023) Age Rating

Although this TV show is intended for mature audiences, it has received different Parent Guide age certifications in different countries.

In countries such as the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland, the Parent Guide is certified 18, while in the Philippines, Turkey, and South Korea, it is certified PG 15+. While countries in the region have received Singapore18 certification.

The Murderer Movie (2023) Release Date

The Murderer Movie (2023) will be released on Netflix globally on 27 July 2023. The country of origin of this series is the United States and this movie is originally in Thai language. Although it is also available in English and Thai languages1.

The Murderer Movie (2023) Cast

(1) Eisaya Hosuwan

,Eisaya Hosuwan
Eisaya Hosuwan

Eisaya Hosuwan (born July 4, 1996) was born in Udon Thani, Thailand. She is a Thai actress and social media personality.

Eisaya Hosuwan has appeared in many films and movies, such as Bad Genius (2017), Siam Square (2027), Ruk Nirun Juntra (2021), and The Murderer (2023).

(2) Phetthai Vongkhamlao

Phetthai Vongkhamlao
Phetthai Vongkhamlao

Phethai Wongkhamlao (born June 24, 1965) was born in Yasothon Province, Thailand. He is a Thai comedian, actor and film director. Which is known as Mum Jokmok.

Phethai Wongkumlao is known for Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (2003), The Protector (2005) and This Girl Is Bad-Ass (2011).

(3) James Laver

James Laver
James Laver

James Laver is an actor and voice artist. He is an award-winning actor and voice artist with a passion for communicating ideas and bringing stories to life.

(4) Jonathan Samson

Jonathan Samson is known for The Murderer Movie (2023).

(5) Sawanee Utoomma

Sawanee Utoomma is known for The Murderer Movie (2023).

(6) Chananticha Chaipa

Chananticha Chaipa is known for The Murderer Movie (2023).

(7) Boonyarit Wiangnon

Boonyarit Wiangnon is known for The Murderer Movie (2023).

(8) Sunaree Ratchasima

Sunaree Ratchasima is known for The Murderer Movie (2023).

(9) Thanavisutt Chene Battiata

Thanavisutt Chene Battiata is known for The Murderer Movie (2023).

The Murderer Movie (2023) Creator Director

(1) Wisit Sasanatieng as Director

(2) Abishek J. Bajaj as writter

Frequently Asked Question about Netflix Movie The Murderer Movie (2023)

Where to watch Netflix Movie The Murderer Movie (2023) ?

Netflix Movie The Murderer Movie (2023) Is Released on July 27- 2023 on Netflix. You Can Watch this movie on Netflix premiere.

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