Netflix’s Miss Night and Day Cast 2024 Bio, Real Name Photo, & Facts

Miss Night and Day is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Lee Jung-eun, Jung Eun-ji, and Choi Jin-hyuk in the lead roles. Although it is basically a romantic comedy, it has the makings of a thriller, which promises to keep the audience hooked.

In this article, you will get information about the cast, reviews, and all the actors in the Netflix Miss Night and Day 2024.

Series Name: Miss Night and Day

Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Original Language: English, Korean

Cast: Lee Jung-Eun, Jeong Eun-Ji, and Choi Jin-Hyuk

Writer: Park Ji-Ha

Director: Lee Hyeong-min and Choi Sun-min

Release Date (Streaming): June 15, 2024

Number of Episodes: 16 Episodes

Run Rime: 2h 11m

Country of origin: South Korea

Filming locations: South Korea

Production company: Samhwa Networks SLL

Distributor: Netflix

Certificate: TV-14

Age Retting: Singapore: Argentina:13 (Netflix rating) Brazil:12 (self-applied) Canada:TV-14 (self-applied) Ecuador:13+ (self-applied) France:7 (self-applied) India: A 16+ (self-applied) Israel:13 (self-applied) Italy: BA (self-applied) Netherlands:6 (self-applied) Poland:13 (self-applied) Singapore:NC16 South Africa:13 (self-applied) United Kingdom:12 United States:TV-14 (self-applied)

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Miss Night and Day Review

Miss Night and Day tells the story of a working woman who suddenly gets stuck in old age one day and a prosecutor who keeps messing with her all the time. Lee Mi Jin is a job seeker who is tired of working in various part-time jobs for a long time and preparing for a job.

One day, due to an incident, she turns 50, causing her to be 50 during the day and 20 at night. She manages to get the job she always wanted.

Miss Night and Day Release Date

It is scheduled to premiere on JTBC on June 15, 2024, and will air every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST).

Miss Night and Day cast

  • Jung Eun-Ji as Lee Mi-jin
  • Lee Jung-Eun as Lim-soon
  • Choi Jin-Hyuk as Gye Ji-Woong
  • Baek Seo-Hoo as Go-won
  • Yoon Byung-Hee as Joo Byeong-Duk
  • Moon Ye Won as Tak Cheon Hui
  • Kim Kwang Shik as Cha Jae Seong
  • Kim Mi Ran as Woo Yeon
  • Choi Moo In as Seo Mal Tae
  • Kim Jae Rok as Geum Gwang Seok
  • Bae Hae Seon as Na Ok Hui
  • Choi Bum Ho as Ko Na Heun
  • Jung Jae Sung as Baek Cheol
  • Kim Ah Young as Do Ga Yeong
  • Jung Young Joo as Im Cheong
  • Jung Suk Yong as Lee Hak Chan
  • Ahn Sang Woo as Do Pyeon Gang

Jung Eun-Ji

Jung Eun-Ji is wearing a white dress.
Jung Eun-Ji

Jung Eun-Ji was born on August 18, 1993 in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea. She is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actress, radio DJ, musical actress, and voice actress.

She released her debut solo extended play Dream in 2016. She had not received any professional training before joining Apink, and only trained with the group for two months before debuting.

Lee Jung-Eun

Lee Jung-Eun
Lee Jung-Eun

Lee Jung-eun (born January 23, 1970) is a Seoul South Korean actress. She is internationally known for her role as housekeeper Moon-gwang in the film Parasite.

Choi Jin-Hyuk

Choi Jin-Hyuk
Choi Jin-Hyuk

Choi Jin-hyuk was born on February 9, 1986 in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province, South. He is a South Korean actor. He gained attention for his supporting roles in Gu Family Book and The Heirs.

Frequently Asked Question about the Netflix’s Miss Night and Day (2024)

Where to watch Netflix’s Miss Night and Day (2024)?

Miss Night and Day (2024) will be released on June 14, 2024, on Netflix. You can watch this TV series on Netflix.


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