Sintonia Season 4 Cast Real Name, Photo, Bio, Everything You Need to Know About the Show (2023)

This TV series was a big hit on Netflix. This series has 3 seasons from 2019 to 2022 and the fourth season is available on Netflix from 25 July 2023.

This TV Series is a Brazilian Movie starring Top Brazilian Actors Bruna Mascarenhas, Christian Malheiros, and MC Jottapê in Lead Cast.

This article provides complete details about Sintonia Season 4 Review, age rating, story plot, cast Real Name, Photo, Bio facts, and where to watch.

Sintonia Season 4 Story Plot & Review

This series depicts the story of 3 friends named Rita, Nando, and Doni. Donny who dreams of becoming a singer, Nando wants to try his hand at drug smuggling. Rita, a girl, wants to earn a lot of money while working and settle down with her boyfriend. Rita also strongly believes in Christianity.

If you like to watch dramas in which young boys face all kinds of troubles to chase their dreams, then this movie is for you.

Sintonia Season 4 Age Rating

Although this TV show is meant for mature audiences, it has got different parent guide age certificates in different countries.

In countries like Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Poland, Parent Guide 16 certificate has been received, while in the Philippines, Turkey, and South Korea, the PG 18+ certificate has been received. Whereas PG: MA certificate has been received in the countries of America and Canada region.

Sintonia Season 4 Release Date

Sintonia Season 4 will be released on Netflix globally on 25 July 2023. The country of origin of this series is Brazil and this series is originally in Portuguese language. Although it is also available in English, Spanish, German, and French languages.

Sintonia Season 4 Cast

(1) Jottapê Carvalho As Doni


Jottape is a well-known pop music singer and actor in the Brazilian Film and Music industry. He is best known for the TV Series Uma Rosa com Amor (2010), and Brazil Avenue (2012).

He has 7.1 Million followers on his Instagram account and his Instagram account @jottape is also verified1. He has also a YouTube Channel named @JottaPê with 1.42 Million Subscribers2.

(2) Bruna Mascarenhas As Rita

Bruna Mascarenhas
Bruna Mascarenhas

Bruna Mascarenhas is well known Actress, Model, and Social Media Influencer from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In 2019 She debut in the Brazilian TV Industry as Rita in Romantic Musical Drama Sintonia. She worked in all four seasons of this Netflix series. We will soon see Bruna in her upcoming TV Show Cenas de um Crime.

She has 1.2 Million followers on her Instagram profile. Her id is @brunamascarenhasbm.

(3) Christian Malheiros As Nando

Christian Malheiros
Christian Malheiros

Christian Malheiros is a young energetic Brazilian actor who was born in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil on 14 August 1999. In his five years of acting career, he appeared in three movies Sócrates (2018), Transmission (2020), and 7 Prisoners (2021) and two TV Series Sintonia (2019) and Sessão de Terapia (2021).

He has 1.7 Million Followers on Instagram and his account @christianmalheiros_ is also verified.

(4) Gabriela Mag As Tally

Gabriela Mag
Gabriela Mag

Born on 26 February 2000 in Itaúna, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Gabriela Mag is well known Brazilian film and tv actress and model. She is also a popular social media influencer with 638K Instagram followers. Her Instagram profile @gabrielamag is verified too.

She is known for the TV Series The King of TV (2022), Todas as Garotas em Mim (2022), Coisa Pública (2022), and Sintonia (2019-2023).

(5) MC M10 As Formiga

MC M10
MC M10

MC M10 is a well-known Brazilian Singer, Rapper, and content creator who was born on 25 October 1994. He has huge followers on his all social media accounts. He is available on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. On his Instagram, he has 1.2 M followers. His Instagram id @mcm10 is also verified. On his Facebook account 353k followers. His Facebook id is also verified.

His songs and rap album are also available on Wynk Music and Spotify. He has 286.3K monthly listeners on Spotify.

(6) Julia Yamaguchi As Scheyla

Julia Yamaguchi
Julia Yamaguchi

Julia Yamaguchi is a Brazilian actress and model. She is best known for TV Series Rotas do Ódio (2018), Unidade Básica (2016), and Sintonia (2019-2021).

She is the daughter of Brazilian Politician Paulo Teixeira and her mother’s name is Alice Mieko Yamaguchi. On 6 May 1992, she was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She has 328k followers on her Instagram account.

(7) Júlio Silvério As Jaspion

Júlio Silvério
Júlio Silvério

Júlio Silvério is well known Brazilian actor and writer. He was known for TV Series 3% (2016), Sintonia (2019 to 2023), and Second Call (2019). He has 87.8K followers on his Instagram account but his Instagram account @silverioator is not verified.

(8) Jefferson Silvério As Rivaldinho

Jefferson Silvério
Jefferson Silvério

Jefferson Silvério is Brazilian actor and writer. He is the brother of actor Júlio Silvério who is also a part of Sintonia TV Series. Jefferson best known for short movie The Weight of Loving You (2016) and João e Paulo (2014).

He is also a musician and has 94.8k followers on his Instagram. His Instagram account is @jeffssilverio not verified.

(9) Leilah Moreno As MC Dondoka

Leilah Moreno
Leilah Moreno

Leilah Moreno is well known Brazilian actress, model and social media influencer. She has 189k followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram account @leilahmoreno is also verified. She is best known for TV Series Aquele Beijo (2011) and Joint Venture (2019-2022).

(10) Vinícius de Oliveira As Eder

(11) Luciano Bortoluzzi As Pastor Leopoldo

(12) Danielle Olímpia as Cacau

(13) Dani Nefussi as Marcia

(14) Fernanda Viacava as Pastora Sueli

(15) Cristina Lago

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