Netflix Movie Freestyle 2023 Cast Real Name, Photo, Bio, Facts, and More

Netflix movie Freestyle (2023) is an upcoming Action, Adventure, and music Movie. If you are a big fan of romance or action movies, then prepare to be mesmerized by Netflix’s latest offering, Freestyle. Directed by Maciej Bochniak. And written by Maciej Bochniak and Slawomir Shuty. Maciej Musiaowski, Michał Sikorski, and Nel Kaczmarek are going to be seen in the lead roles in this movie.

Apart from this, Jakub Nosiadek, Filip Lipiecki, Olek Krupa, Roman Gancarczyk, Maciej Bochniak, (Screenwriter), and Sawomir Shuty (Screenwriter) are going to be seen in this movie.

In this article, the real names, photos, biographies, facts, and more of the cast and crew of Freestyle (2023) are revealed.

Basic Information

Movie NameFreestyle
Country of originPoland
GenreAction, Adventure, and music
Length1h 28m
Original LanguageEnglish, Polish
DirectorMaciej Bochniak
WriterMaciej Bochniak and Slawomir Shuty
castMaciej Musiaowski, Michael Sikorski, and Nel Kaczmarek
Release DateSeptember 13, 2023
Streaming OnNetflix
Production CompanyAurum Film
Freestyle 2023 Movie

Freestyle 2023 Movie Review

A budding rap singer with a criminal past arranges a dangerous drug deal that could cost him everything in order to get money for studio time.

A street performer rapper and his accomplice encounter challenges as they attempt to complete the recording of their debut album after a crucial drug transaction goes disastrously wrong for them.

Freestyle 2023 Movie Review
Freestyle 2023 Movie Review

Freestyle 2023 Movie Release Date

Freestyle 2023 Movie will be released in the United States on Netflix on September 13. If you also like to watch Action, Adventure, and music Movie, then this Movie is for you.

Freestyle 2023 Movie Age rating

You can watch the Freestyle 2023 Movie with your family. However, in the United States and Canada regions, it has been given an age rating of TV-14 in the United States, 13 in Poland, and NC16 in Singapore.

Freestyle 2023 Movie Cast

(1) Maciej Musiałowski

Maciej Musiałowski
Maciej Musiałowski

Maciej Musiałowski was born on 5 December 1993, in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland. He is a Polish actor and social media artist. He is considered to be an actor nominated for an Eagle for Best Leading Role.

He made his screen debut with the role of Ksawery Krinsky in the TV series Second Chance (2016–2018). He then became a well-known Polish actor.

Apart from the movie Freestyle (2023), he has worked in many movie series. Known for movies like The Hater (2020), Druga Szansa (2016), and Code Name: Challenge (2020).

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(2) Michał Sikorski

) Michał Sikorski
Michał Sikorski

Michal Sikorski was born on 5 September 1995 in Wadowice, Malopolskie, Poland. He is an actor, known for Sonata (2021), Open Your Eyes (2021) and Chcesz pokoju, szykuj sie do wojny.

(3) Nel Kaczmarek

Nel Kaczmarek
Nel Kaczmarek

Nel Kaczmarek was born on 5 April 2000 in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland. She is a Polish actress and social media star. Who has created an uproar on TikTok and Social Media.

She has also worked on many movie series and many short films. Known for Code Name: Challenge (2020), Lesson Plan (2022), and The Mire (2018).

Nel has worked as a lead with Maciej Musialowski in the film Freestyle. This is an action and romantic film directed by Maciej Bochniak.

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(4) Jakub Nosiadek (Supporting Role)

Jakub Nosiadek
Jakub Nosiadek

Jakub Nosiadek was born on 15 July 1991 in Mikolów, Śląskie, Poland. He is an actor, known for The Son of Snow Queen (2017), Milosc jest wszystik (2018), and The Crystal Girl (2016).

(5) Filip Lipiecki (Supporting Role)

(7) Olek Krupa (Supporting Role)

(8) Roman Gancarczyk (Supporting Role)

(9) Maciej Bochniak (Director)

(10) Sławomir Shuty (Screenwriter)

Frequently Asked Questions about Freestyle 2023 Movie

Where to watch the Freestyle 2023 Movie?

Freestyle 2023 Movie will be released on Netflix on September 13, 2023, You Can Watch This Movie.

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