Netflix Down for Love Cast Real Name, Photo, Bio, Facts, and More 2023

Down for Love is one of the best emotional and inspirational romantic TV series that is currently streaming on Netflix. In this series, 6 singles who are suffering from Down syndrome have set out to find life partners for themselves.

In this article, we will provide all the details about the series Down for Love Cast and crew’s Real names, photos, bios, facts, and Many More things.

Basic Information

Movie NameDown for Love
Country of originNew Zealand
GenreReality TV
Length45 to 50 Minutes
Original LanguageEnglish
Release Date11 August 2023
Streaming OnNetflix
Down for Love Crew

Down for Love Cast

(1) Libby Hunsdale

Libby Hunsdale
Libby Hunsdale

Libby Hunsdale is the first Kiwi actress diagnosed with Down syndrome. She also does Influencer Marketing with Project Employ Disability Service Provider Company. Her Instagram ID is “libby.hunsdale“.

she says in her words, “I’m Libby a disabled model and actress. I’m so excited to bring my work and advocacy to Instagram, thank you for following my journey.

Here’s a picture taken for Down For Love which I featured on back in 2021. You can watch the series on TVNZ. It was an amazing experience to give the public an insight into dating with a disability”

(2) Lily Harper

Lily Harper
Lily Harper

Lily Harper is a very shy girl from New Zealand. Her Childhood was not good. Speaking of acting, Lily has been branded a “drama queen” by the entire musical theatre community. She wasn’t always as effervescent; she didn’t have the nicest childhood.

The artist has confessed that she was bullied as a child. This concert is ideal for Lily to demonstrate her soft side and how she is off of the stage. She is not available on any social media platform like facebook and Instagram.

(3) John Halliday

John Halliday
John Halliday

He refuses to let his impairment prevent him from experiencing life to the fullest. John is an adventurer who has competed in the Special Olympics for snowboarding. Will he discover someone who shares his sense of adventure and excitement? Or is he too rebellious?

(4) Leisel Shepherdhek

Leisel Shepherdhek
Leisel Shepherdhek

Leisel is a model and social media influencer who promotes many cosmetic products of many brands. She is available on Instagram. Her Instagram ID is leiselslifenz.

Leisel has built a reputation for herself as a Nutrimetrics professional skincare consultant. And, according to Woman’s Day, she’s pursued the post with zeal. If she understands what she wants in her work, does she also know what she wants in a life partner?

(5) Carlos Biggemann

Carlos Biggemann
Carlos Biggemann

Carlos is a big admirer of reality TV and here is his chance to put his knowledge to the test. He’s looking for someone to settle down with, and this programme is a fantastic place to start. Can he pull it off?

He is fashion photographer. He is available on Instagram. His Instagram ID is cbiggemann1.

(6) Josh Bradley

Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

Josh comes in last but not least. He exudes an amazing party-loving vibe. Will someone else favorably judge his extroverted personality? Or, will it raise a relationship red flag?

Netflix now offers Down for Love’s first season for streaming. According to Express, it appears that a second season of the show has already been approved. We’ll be looking on!

He is not available on Instagram and facebook.

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