Netflix Absolute Beginners 2023 Cast & Crew Complete Details

The series released on Netflix on October 25, 2023, is Absolute Beginners, a Polish drama romantic series. Apart from Polish language, this series is available in many European languages Like English and some other regional languages.

In this film, you will see lead characters Martyna Byczkowska and Bartłomiej Deklewa along with Piotr Witkowski, who previously appeared in the lead character in the Netflix movie Soulcatcher.

Through this article, we will provide complete details of all the characters of this Netflix series including their bio, age, family, NetWorth, facts and Instagram.

Basic Information

Series NameAbsolute Beginners
Original title (Polish)Absolutni debiutanci
Genre Romance, Drama
DirectorKamila Tarabura
Katarzyna Warzecha
WriterNina Lewandowska
Kamila Tarabura
Jędrzej Napiecek
ProducerMagdalena Zielska
Production CompaniesATM Grupa
Country Of OriginPoland
Release Date28 July 2023
Ott Release PlatformNetflix
Netflix Series Absolute Beginners Crew Members

Netflix Series Absolute Beginners 2023 Review

This TV series is the story of two friends Lena and Nico who are also each other’s love interest. Both want to take admission in their favorite film school but for this they both have to shoot a short film.

Both of them make a plan for this and set out for shooting, then a third partner Igor joins their group who tests their relationship.

This series is full of romance and emotion. This film is dedicated to love and friendship. At some moments you will cry emotionally. If you like watching a teenage love story, then this show is for you.

Netflix Series Absolute Beginners 2023 Cast

Martyna Byczkowska as Lena

Image of Actress Martyna Byczkowska
Actress Martyna Byczkowska

Lena is the lead cast who want to admission in her dream film school with Niko. The role of Lena is portrayed by Polish actress and theater artist Martyna Byczkowska.

Martyna Byczkowska is 27 years old Polish actress who was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. She is best known for Polish TV Series Mental (2022). Martyna is available on Instagram. Her Instagram ID is “papillonsesil“.

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Bartłomiej Deklewa as Niko

Image of actor Bartłomiej Deklewa
Bartłomiej Deklewa

Niko is the lead actor whose also dream is to take admission in famous film school with Lena. The role of Niko is Portrayed by Bartłomiej Deklewa. Bartłomiej Deklewa is a Polish actor and Theater artist. He is best known for Polish TV Series Sexify (2023). He has 1.5 K Instagram followers.

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Jan Sałasiński as Igor

Image of actor Jan Sałasiński
Actor Jan Sałasiński

Igor is friend of Niko and Lena. The role of Igor is Portrayed by Jan Sałasiński. Jan Sałasiński is polish actor who born and raised in Warsaw Polland. His Instagram Id is nagly_atak_salaty.

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Paulina Krzyżańska

Image of Paulina Krzyżańska
Paulina Krzyżańska

Paulina Krzyżańska is polish actress and model. She is 23 years old actress. She is best known for Polish TV Series Matka (2022-2023). She has 1.1 K followers in Instagram. Her Instagram ID is “_krzyzanskaa“.

Katarzyna Warnke

Katarzyna Warnke is polish actress and producer From Warsaw Poland. She has 270 k Instagram Followers.

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Piotr Witkowski

Piotr Witkowski is famous Polish actor who is best known for Netflix film Soulcatcher.

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Anna Krotoska

Andrzej Konopka

Julian Świeżewski

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