Kai Ko Age, height, and facts about the Miss Shampoo actor

From his role as Miss Shampoo to his modeling and his rock climbing hobby, get to know Kai Ko.

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Get to know Miss Shampoo actor Kai Ko here

So, you’ve binge-watched Netflix’s Miss Shampoo, and you’re already obsessed with the actor playing the lead role, right? Kai Ko is behind this character. This film is Kai Ko’s major Netflix film, but he’ll no doubt appear in many more projects over the next few years. And many of his films and series have been liked by people. Get to know the actor here!

How old is Kai Ko?

Kai Ko’s birthday is on June 18, 1991, and according to an interview posted on Wikipedia, he was born in Penghu County, Taiwan. In this way, his age becomes 32 years. His first film. In November 2011, Ko released his debut studio album, Be Yourself.

How tall is Kai Ko?

There is no exact measurement of Kai Ko’s height online, but he appears to be one of the tallest members of the Miss Shampoo cast. Based on the cast photos, Kai is slightly shorter than his partner Daniel Hong. Kai has a height of 5′ 11¾″ (1.83 m) and weighs 66 kg.

Where is Kai Ko from? Is he British?

Kai Ko was born in Penghu County, Taiwan and grew up with his parents in Taiwan. His full name is Ko Chia-Kai (Kejia-Kai). He studied performing arts at National Taiwan University. He proves to be a Taiwanese actor in real life too, as many fans have now shared with Netflix about the Miss Shampoo movie and how did you like its review.

What movies and TV shows has Kai Ko been in?

His first film. In November 2011, Ko released his debut studio album, Be Yourself. After that he appeared in many movies and films. He is a famous famous actor. Who keeps getting offers for many films. There’s no doubt that the actor has appeared in many more Netflix series and other projects over the next few years. Mama Boy (2022), Intrusion (2022), Bad Education (2023), Miss Shampoo (2023). Apart from this, he is going to be seen in many upcoming projects.

Who is Kai Ko dating?

Over the years, the 29-year-old actor, who rose to fame after starring in the 2011 film You’re the Apple of My Eye, has been linked to several famous women. According to rumors, he was previously rumored to be dating Taiwanese pop diva Elva Hsiao, 41, but the actor has confirmed that he is not dating anyone. Kai also revealed another alleged ex-girlfriend of his but he currently considers himself single.

Kai Ko is also a model as well as an actor

Along with acting, Kai is also a model. On his Instagram, you will find lots of photos from his modeling campaigns. And yes, there are shirtless photos from various shoots too! There are also many brand endorsement photos of Vedas on his Instagram. Apart from this, he uploads photos and reels about his upcoming films.

Kai Ko Networth

Kai is one of the richest film actors in Taiwan. He has worked in many movies and series. What it lacks is modeling and branding. According to our analysis and Wikipedia, Forbes, Kai Ko’s net worth as of 2024 is $6 million.

Does Kai Ko have Instagram?

Yes, and you can find his at @kaikaiko. On his grid, you’ll find plenty of photos of his and her Miss Shampo castmates during filming and press for the Netflix show. It also features a lot of shots of his modeling campaigns and various selfies and glimpses of his personal life and other projects he has worked on. Miss Shampoo is going to be released on December 28, information about which has been given by the actor by posting on his Instagram.

Kai Ko controversy

On August 18, 2014, it was reported that Kai had been arrested by Beijing police on August 14 for drug use, along with Jaycee Ch, a Hong Kong actor. Ko appeared in an anti-drug advertisement in Taiwan in 2012. Where he and other celebrities declared that “I don’t do drugs”. He was released on August 28 and returned to Taiwan to face another round of questioning by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office.

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