Actress Veki Velilla Biography, Height, Age, NetWorth, Boyfriend, Family, Facts and More (2023)

Veki Velilla is a popular Spanish TV and Film Actress, Model, and Social Media Influencer. She was born on 3 September 1995 in Madrid, Spain. She is best known for TV Series I would like to (2018) and Killer Book Club (2023).

Her full name is Verónica del Sol González. As an actress she worked in more than 10 TV series, 4 films and almost 5 theatre play.

This article gives complete details about Actress Veki Velilla Biography, net worth, career, family background, untouched life story, interesting and lesser-known facts about her.

Veki Velilla
Veki Velilla

Basic information

Stage NameVeki Velilla or Veki G. Velilla
Nick NameVeki, Veronica
Full NameVerónica del Sol González
Date of birth3 September 1995
Age27 years (as of 2023)
Place of BirthMadrid, Spain
School/CollegeSchool of Interpretation Madrid | Cinema room
Father Mr. Velilla
MotherMrs. Velilla
SiblingSusana González Velilla (Sister)
Family MemberMiktas Papadopoulos
Birth signVirgo
Currently, Live InMadrid, Spain
Veki Velilla bio

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Veki Velilla Physical Appearance

Veki Velilla‘s Height

Veki Velilla’s height is 5 Feet 8 Inches (1.72 m) approximately.

Veki Velilla‘s Weight

Veki Velilla’s weight is 53 Kg (116 lbs pound) approximately.

Veki Velilla’s age

Veki Velillas was born on 3 September 1995 in Madrid, Spain. She is 27 years old as of 2023.

Veki Velilla’s Eye Color

Veki Velilla’s Eye Color is Hazel.

Veki Velilla’s Hair Color

Veki Velilla’s hair color is Dark Brown.

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Veki Velilla’s Education School or college

Veki, who was very intelligent in studies since childhood, completed her studies from a well-known school in Madrid.Later, she decided to pursue a career in drama and did a Diploma in Acting from the School of Interpretation Madrid Cinemaroom

During college, Veki learned the art of acting technique keeping in mind the smallest nuances, doing indepth scene study, dialogue delivery skills and audition techniques like practical study of many activities.

Veki Velilla’s net worth

Although most of the earning of Veki is as an actress, but she earns a lot of money from brand sponsorship and ad commercial. As of 2023 her estimated networth is $ 1 Million USD.

Veki Velilla’s Boyfriend/Relationship

Well, Veki is living a single life now but she has many male friends. According to some media reports and rumours, an actor named Alvaro and Veki are dating each other. Although both are very good friends and both do not confirm this.

Veki Velilla with her friend Alvaro
Veki Velilla with her friend Alvaro

She wrote about Alvaro

Never, EVER, in my wildest dreams did I imagine having a rep as wonderful as you, buddy.

Thank you for the trips (done and done;)), for always keeping me grounded, for loving and caring for me from day one as the “audiovisual father” that you are. I love you and I’m endlessly grateful.

How lucky I am.. How lucky we are.

Veki Velilla Family

Veki’s father name is Mr. Velilla who was a business owner. Her mother Mrs Velilla is artist and home maker. Apart from her parents she has a sister named Susana González Velilla.

Veki Velilla with her sister Susana González Velilla
Veki Velilla with her sister Susana González Velilla

She wroth about her grandfather and uncle Victor Koopers,

f there’s no one to celebrate with, then I’m doing something wrong. ” Heard this phrase a couple days ago and condemnation keeps echoing in my head.. also (and for more inri) far from filling, it hurts. “Time is as fine as a prawn’s mustache,” he wrote this morning after eating four.

Seriously? So, a fucking shrimp has made me rethink the ephemeral of time? At least I’ve been able to enjoy the previous three (thanks life If I could ask for a single wish today, it would certainly be (or well, probably) to ask for forgiveness for things I’d never thought about.

I would ask for forgiveness and have several “sorry” for not using time with people who are no longer there and today I miss (and what the fuck, I need). How typical, isn’t it? This afternoon I have been watching together with my uncle (partner in crime) and my grandfather (partner in Crime 2) some lectures of Victor Koopers.

after several “we all know this” or “he doesn’t say anything new”, I have found that sometimes someone with the ability to transmit has to remind us of the “OBVIOUS” things. Thanks Victor, I’ll take your lead (: And well the picture of this caption is of my grandparents and my mom with me at my baptism.

Three of them are gone. And I’ve had to “lose them” to learn to truly enjoy time with the one left.. what (which belly button of the world) fits ME. All of this came because “time is as fine as a prawn’s mustache”.. and (sorry) f*cking shrimp.. Hopefully (or not.. AAAHHH! ) live in the ignorance of not asking questions. But if you do or read someone doing them, better change direction than sorry, right?

Veki Velilla with her family
Veki Velilla with her family

Veki Velilla Acting Career

She started her acting career as a theater artist. In 2015 she got chance to work in play named The secret of Webedia.

In the same year she also got chance to work in popular TV series Anchored. This is her official TV Debut.

In the year 2016 she got chance to appear in her first film Stop Over in Hell. In this film she plays the role of Anne.

Year 2018 is very lucky year for Veki Velilla, because this year she signed five TV series and one films.

YearMovie/ TV Series NameRole
2018I would Like toIris Bacheli
2018Love is foreverLaura Ortega Velazquez
2018The Cathedral of the SeaSafe Alesta
2018Miamor lostMabel
2018-2019More than 100 liesAngela

From 2019 to 2022, Vekki appeared in some major films and TV series, namely: –

YearMovie/ TV Series NameRole
2019North Valley HospitalAlba Diaz Ufarte
2022GarciaAntonia Ortiz
2023Girls NightTeenage Lola
2021The unemployment clubFlora

Recently, the popular horror movie Killer Book Club has been released on Netflix, in which Veki has played the lead role. The name of her character is Angela and the audience and critics are very fond of Angela.

Some interesting and lesser-known facts about Veki Velilla

She is available on Facebook. Her Facebook ID is “vekig.velilla“.

She also available on twitter but not so much active. Her Twitter ID is “vekivelilla“.

She has 18K followers on Instagram. Her Instagram ID is “vekivelilla“.

She is a pet love. She has a pet dog too.

She loves traveling, singing, camping, boating, ski diving, and hiking. In her free time she love to listening pop music.

Pizza is her favorite food. But she loves Italian cusins too.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Veki Velilla

Q.1 Who is Veki Velilla?

Ans. -Veki Velilla is a Spanish actress, model and social media influencer. She is known for Popular Netflix horror film Killer Book Club (2023).

Q.2 How old is Veki Velilla?

Ans. As of 2023, Veki Velilla is 27 years old.

Q.3 How Rich is Veki Velilla?

As of 2023, Veki Velilla’s estimated NetWorth is $ 1 Million USD.

Q.4 How tall is Veki Velilla?

Ans. As of 2023 Veki Velilla’s height is 5 Feet 8 Inches (1.72 meters) tall.

Q.5 Is Veki Velilla on Instagram?

Yes, her Instagram username is vekivelilla.

Q.6 Is Veki Velilla on Facebook?

Yes. She is on Facebook. Her Facebook username is vekig.velilla.

Q.7 Where is from Veki Velilla?

Veki Velilla is from Madrid, Spain.

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