Actress Adwa Bader Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Birthday, Nationality & Facts

Adwa Bader was born on August 15, 1998 in Saudi-Arab. She is a Saudi-American multihyphenate and interdisciplinary artist, actor, poet, and screenwriter.

Bader is a native of Riyadh who has played several roles as a commercial actor and model since 2008.

Most recently, she received her first lead role starring in director Meshaal Al Jasser’s feature film Naga (2023), an official TIFF 2023 selection for Midnight Madness.

Having played many roles as an actor and model, she worked on short films and campaigns for several local and international brands and media outlets such as Harvey Nichols, Destination, Farfetch and Burberry.

In this article, we provide all the details about actress Adwa Bader Wiki’s biography, net worth, career, family background, untouched life story, and interesting and lesser-known facts about her.

Basic information

Real NameAdwa Bader
Nick NameAdwa
Date of birthAugust 15, 1998
Age25 years old (as of 2023)
Birth PlaceSaudi-Arab
High SchoolStudied at Raffles Design
Berklee College of Music
Father Mr. Bader
MotherMrs. Bader
NationalitySaudi Arabian
Zodiac SignLeo
EthnicityWhite Mixed
Currently, Live InSaudi-Arab
Beautiful actress Adwa Badar wearing a dark black top
Adwa Bader Biography

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Adwa Bader Wiki’s Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m).

Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs pounds).

Eye color: black.

Hair color: black.

Education School or College

Adwa was attracted to acting at an early age. She studied in high school at Raffles Design. After that, in 2020, she studied at Berklee College of Music. After completing her graduation, she worked in various types of modeling and musical theatre.

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Adwa’s fans want to know how much she earns and what is her source of income. Adwa was working as a model during her acting career. She has been seen supporting many brands on Instagram. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and our analysis as of 2023, Edva’s net worth is $2 million.


Adwa fans want to know who she is dating. Is he in a relationship with anyone? Let us tell you that Adva has never given any information about her love life. According to the information, she is not dating anyone, and she is single and has no boyfriend. He has not shared anything about her personal life with the media.


Born in Florida to Saudi parents and raised in Texas, Badr’s family moved back to Riyadh when she was nine years old. However, she has not given any information about the names of her parents and siblings. The first film she remembers watching as a child was Alfonso Cuaron’s A Little Princess, which made her dream come true.

Acting Career

Adwa published a limited and exclusive anthology of her poems in 2020 and recently landed her first lead role in director Meshal Al Jasser’s feature film Naga (2023), earning her a TIFF 23 Rising Stars Award for Outstanding Leadership. Got a place in the program.

“Naga” is filmmaker Al-Jaiser’s latest work after “Arabian Alien”. In 2020, the Saudi writer-director’s film competed in the Best Short Film category at the Sundance Film Festival.

  • NAGA as Sarah

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Some interesting and lesser-known facts about Adwa Bader Wiki

  • In writer/director Meshaal Aljasser’s comedy thriller Naga, Adwa Bader plays Sara, a young Saudi woman.
  • The role was written by Aljaser with Bader in mind.
  • Bader had been modeling since 2008 – which she described as “a tool I was using to express myself.
  • Bader also writes her own poetry, and published a collection of her work in 2020.
  • Self-taught in both subjects, she credits practicing her poems in front of the mirror as her method.
  • “Just so that I have a good understanding of my poetry.” The face and how I feel with my emotions.”
  • Streaming giant Netflix is participating in Jeddah’s Red Sea International Film Festival – which runs until December 9 – with the “Because She Created” space, an installation at the event that highlights female talent in the Arab world.
Actress Adwa Bader seen on the sets of Naga film wearing a black sleeveless dress.
Adwa Bader Facts
  • Organizers have focused on Saudi-American interdisciplinary artist and star of Netflix’s upcoming local film “Naga” Adwa Bader; Saudi Arabian writer, performer, actor and director Fatima Al-Banawi, who is set to release her directorial debut “Basma”; and Haya Abdelsalam, who is the lead and creative producer of the Kuwaiti Netflix series “Devil’s Advocate.”
  • Bader spoke to Arab News about the initiative, saying it was important because “as women we have beautiful and powerful stories to tell, and the industry’s support will not only help us better integrate There is a need to do this but also to recognize our work and great stories.” So many incredible Arab women telling for the first time.
  • Nuha Al-Tayeb, director of content for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey at Netflix, echoed those sentiments, telling Arab News that it was important to highlight women, in particular, when it comes to the film industry in the region.
  • Bader, who splits her time between Los Angeles and Riyadh, reveals that she is a part of two upcoming projects, both of which are in development. “I can’t announce it yet,” she says, “but I’m really excited about both of them.”
  • Adwa’s Instagram username is @adwaxox. She has 17.9K Instagram followers. and her Instagram ID has been verified.
  • Adwa’s Facebook username is @Adwabader. She has 1K Facebook followers. and her Facebook ID has been verified.
  • Adwa is not available on Twitter, and YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adwa Bader Wiki

Q.1: Who is Adwa Bader Wiki?

Adwa Bader is a beautiful Saudi-American actress. She is known for her impressive performance in NAGA (2023).

Q.2: How old is Alix WestLefler Wiki?

As of 2023, Adwa is 25 years old.

Q.3: How rich is Adwa Bader’s Wiki?

Actress Adwa is an established actress. Her estimated net worth would be between $2 million USD.

Q.4: How tall is Adwa Bader’s Wiki?

Adwa a young, energetic actress. She is approximately 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m).

Q.5: Is Adwa Bader Wiki on Instagram?

Yes, Adwa is available on Instagram.

Q.6: Is Adwa Bader Wiki on Facebook?

Yes, Adwa is available on Facebook.

Q.7: Who plays the role of Sarah in Naga 2023?

Actress Adwa plays the role of Sarah in Naga 2023.

Q.8: What is the ethnicity of Adwa Bader Wiki?

Actress Adwa’s ethnicity is white Mixed.

Q.9: Where is Adwa Bader’s Wiki?

Adwa is from Saudi American

Q. 10 What is the nationality of Adwa Bader Wiki?

Actress Adwa’s nationality is American.

Q.11: Is Adwa Bader Wiki on Twitter?

No, Adwa is not available on Twitter.

Q.12: Is Adwa Bader Wiki on TikTok?

Yes, Adwa is available on TikTok.

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