Selling Sunset Season 7:  10 Surprising Twists You Won't See Coming!

A Surprise Engagement

One of the cast members unexpectedly gets engaged, sending shockwaves through the office and adding an exciting new dynamic to the show.

Celebrity Cameos

Season 7 features appearances from high-profile celebrities, making for some unexpected and memorable moments.

Secret Alliances

Viewers will witness unexpected alliances form among the agents, leading to surprising team-ups and power shifts within the Oppenheim Group.

A New Rivalry Emerges

A fresh face in the real estate world challenges the status quo, sparking a fierce rivalry that keeps everyone on their toes.

Stunning Property Scandals

Some of the most jaw-dropping listings come with surprising twists and turns that keep the agents and viewers guessing.

Behind-the-Scenes Drama

This season, the cameras capture more of what goes on off the market, revealing personal conflicts and friendships pushed to the brink.

Unprecedented Bidding Wars

The competition for some of the hottest properties reaches new heights, with bidding wars that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

A Revelatory Reunion:

Season 7 brings back familiar faces from earlier seasons, and their return brings unexpected twists to the storylines.

A Life-Changing Decision

One cast member makes a major life decision that leaves everyone in shock and sets the stage for a new chapter in their life.

Epic Parties and Events

The extravagant events and parties that define Selling Sunset take on a whole new level of extravagance, leaving viewers stunned by the opulence.