What is Chat GPT and How it is works | Chat GPT By open AI |How to use chat GPT, Log in, Sign up

What is Chat GPT and How it is works | Chat GPT By open AI |How to use chat GPT, Log in, Sign up

Since Chat GPT was launched in November 2022, it has been receiving attention from experts and everyday people alike. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on Chat GPT, but most people believe that it will eventually replace many software programs and search engines such as Google. After all, Chat GPT is still relatively new, so we’ll have to see how it fares in the future.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about Chat GPT, from how it works to its advantages and disadvantages. that will help you understand it better.

What is Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a well-programmed and pre-trained chatbot. It is trained on a large dataset and can generate human-like text in a variety of styles and formats.

GPT can be fine-tuned for specific tasks such as translation, question answering, and text summarization, or it can be used to generate original text in a variety of languages.

It has been used in a number of applications and has achieved state-of-the-art results in several benchmarks.

Full Form of Chat GPT

Chat GPT full form is Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

  • Chat – This means “to talk to somebody in a friendly, informal way”
  • Generative – This means “able to create or produce something”
  • Pre-Trained – This means “Subject has already been trained on a large dataset and is now being used for a specific task.”
  • Transformer – This means “such a machine learning model that understands the given text and transforms related text as an answer.”

History of Chat GPT

Basically, Chat GPT is a product of Open AI. Open AI which is an artificial intelligence (AI) research lab founded on 11 December 2015 By Ceo Sam Altman.

Ilya Sutskever, Greg Brockman, Wojciech Zaremba, John Schulman, and Elon Musk were co-founders of Open AI but Elon Musk left this project after something 2 years.

After this, a great amount of investment was put into it by Bill Gates’ Microsoft company and it was launched as a prototype on 30 November in the year 2022.

Company Name Open AI
Industry TypeArtificial Intelligence
Founders & CEOSam Altman (CEO), Greg Brockman(Chairman & President), Ilya Sutskever(Chief Scientist)
ProductChat GPT, DALL-E, Open AI Five, GPT-2 &GPT-3
Official Websiteopenai.com
Open AI Information

How Chat GPT works?

The chatbot is programmed to find information about things you ask it, and then answer you in the correct language. It will show you the answer right on your device.

If you are not satisfied with the answer given by it, then you can also like and dislike its answer.It improves itself with the help of the feedback given by you on its answer.

Special Features, Use and Benefits of Chat GPT

Chat GPT helps you speed up your work or study. It has lots of features to help you get things done quickly.

  • Chat G.P.T. is a resource that provides detailed answers to your questions in the form of articles. in search platforms like Google or Bing, you have many results shown for your asked question, which sometimes confuses the user and it takes more time for the user to find the right answer.
  • It is totally free. You can write essays, mail, or application for your work or study totally free.
  • It provides an ad-free interface. Which is more attractive and enhances the user experience
  • With its help, you can easily learn about food recipes to quantum mechanics in just a few minutes.
  • With its help, you can easily learn about Python and other complex computer programming and coding, and it also programs some code for you.

How to use Chat GPT, log in, Sign Up

After creating a free account of Chat G.P.T., you can easily use it. Currently, it is a free tool but maybe after some time it will become paid.

Chat GPT first interface
Chat GPT First Interface
  • Then select the sign-up option. You can sign up in many ways like using your mail id, or existing google or Microsoft account. I prefer through mail id.
Sign-up option in Chat GPT
Sign-up option in Chat GPT
  • After entering your mail id, please press the continue button and choose a password then you need to verify your mail id.
e mail verifaction in  chat gpt
how to verify email in chait GPT
Email successfully verified
Email successfully verified
  • After email verification please again login to chat.openai.com. Then log in with your mail id and password.
Choose your name in Chat GPT
Choose your name in Chat GPT
  • To choose your first and last name then fill mobile number and verify it.
Mobile verification in chat GPT
Mobile verification in chat GPT
  • After mobile number verification, Chat GPT Account is successfully created. Now you can explore its features by asking any question.
Desktop interface in chat GPT
Desktop interface in chat GPT

Cons and Limitaion of Chat GPT

  • The AI may not be aware of recent world events and may occasionally produce biased content. It has limited knowledge about the world, and will not be after 2021.
  • This article does not provide information about certain questions. There are many questions whose answers you cannot find here.
  • Currently, it is available in English language only.
  • GPT is a machine learning model, and like all machine learning models, it can make mistakes or produce biased output if the training data contains biases.
  • GPT is not capable of understanding the context or intent behind the words it generates. It simply predicts the next word in a sequence based on the words that came before it.
  • GPT is not capable of engaging in two-way conversation. It can only generate text based on a prompt that is given to it. It cannot respond to specific questions or follow-up statements.

Will Chat GPT kill Google, Google vs Chat GPT

It is unlikely that Chat GPT or any other language model will replace Google or other search engines. While Chat GPT and other language models are very good at generating human-like text, they do not have the ability to search the internet, find relevant information, or provide answers to specific questions.

Search engines like Google use advanced algorithms and technologies to index and search the vast amount of information on the internet and provide relevant results to users. Language models like Chat GPT do not have this capability and are not designed to replace search engines.

In fact, language models like Chat GPT can be used to improve search engine results by providing more accurate and relevant responses to users’ queries. However, it is important to keep in mind that language models should not be relied upon for tasks that require a deeper understanding of language or the ability to engage in complex conversation.

Will Chat GPT kill human jobs?

There is always the possibility that technology can automate certain tasks and potentially lead to job displacement. However, it is also important to consider that technology can also create new job opportunities and improve efficiency in many industries.

In the case of Chat G.P.T. and other language models, it is possible that they could be used to automate certain tasks that involve generating text or responding to simple queries. However, these models are not capable of replacing jobs that require more complex language understanding or problem-solving skills.

Additionally, the development and improvement of language models like Chat GPT require a significant amount of research and development, which can create job opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Overall, while it is important to consider the potential impact of technology on employment, it is also important to recognize the potential benefits and to work towards finding solutions that minimize negative impacts and maximize positive ones.

How to Earn Money From Chat GPT?

  • Use GPT to generate ideas for new products or services: You can use GPT to generate ideas for new products or services that you can then sell. For example, you could use GPT to generate ideas for new software applications or physical products.
  • Use GPT to automate tasks: Finally, you can use GPT to automate tasks that would normally be done by humans. For example, you could use GPT to generate reports, summaries, or responses to customer inquiries. You could then sell these services to businesses or individuals.
  • Write articles or blog posts using GPT: You can use GPT to generate unique content for articles or blog posts, which you can then sell to websites or publications. Like Listverse.com.
  • You can also take help for generating script ideas for youtube videos.
  • You can also take help with task creation and learning for freelancing service in fivver and Upwork.
  • You can take help of Chat G.P.T. for generating notes and study material for other. After that sell this to offline or online. Online studypool.com website is the number 1 website.
  • Create chatbots using GPT: You can use GPT to train a chatbot to have natural, human-like conversations with users. You can then sell access to the chatbot to businesses or individuals.
  • Generate social media posts using GPT: You can use GPT to generate unique and engaging social media posts for businesses or individuals. You can charge a fee for this service.
  • Use GPT to create content for video games: You can use GPT to generate dialog and descriptions for characters in video games. You can then sell the content to game developers.
  • Use GPT to generate content for virtual reality experiences: You can use GPT to generate immersive and engaging content for virtual reality experiences. You can then sell access to the experiences to individuals or businesses.

Note:- Keep in mind that using GPT to generate content can be a time-consuming process, and you may need to invest in additional software and resources to get started. It’s also important to research the market and determine if there is demand for the type of content you want to create using GPT.

FAQs on Chat GPT

Q.1 – Can I trust the Answer provided in Chat GPT?

Ans.- Chat GPT is a text generation model that uses machine learning to generate responses based on a given prompt. While it is able to provide information and respond to questions, it is important to remember that it is not a human and may not always provide accurate or reliable information. It is always a good idea to verify any information you receive, especially when making important decisions or using the information for critical tasks.

Q.2 – Chat GPT is available for mobile in Google play store / Apple store or not?

Ans.- No, Chat GPT is not available in the google play store/apple store. But you can use Chat GPT on mobile through any web browser. But be aware that there are many duplicate apps listed on the Google Play Store with the name Chat GPT, which is not the official app of Chat GPT A.I.

Duplicate app of Chat GPT available in Google play store
Duplicate app of Chat GPT available in Google play store

Q.3 – How can I use Chat GPT on mobile?

Ans.- Currently, Chat GPT is not available in the Google play store and Apple store. So to use Chat GPT on mobile you can use any web browser and just go to chat.openai.com and log in and sign up as mentioned above in this article. By following the steps you can create an account on Chat GPT and use it easily on mobile.

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