Amul Nandini Controversy Explained -

Amul Nandini Controversy Explained

Amul vs Nandini – There is a war in Delhi and Karnataka regarding milk, many people are supporting Amul milk, while many people are supporting Nandini milk. The controversy over both the brands has created a furore, after the curd controversy in Tamil Nadu, now the milk controversy in Karnataka has increased the matter further. In fact, two big milk brands have come face to face.

In this controversy over Amul milk and Nandini milk, people #GoBackAmul #savenandini, in this way you are fighting on social media as well.

How the controversy started

Amul tweeted on Twitter on April 5 and said that it will start supplying milk and curd products in Bengaluru. This announcement also created a ruckus on politics and the Congress accused the BJP of trying to destroy Karnataka’s brand Nandini milk.

Amul Nandini Controversy
Amul Nandini Controversy

Congress called it a conspiracy to destroy Karnataka Milk Federation’s brand Nandini, after which the controversy escalated to a great extent. And people’s resentment against Amul started increasing in Karnataka. In this trade dispute, the Congress accused the BJP of doing all this to destroy the Nandini (brand) created by the farmers of the state.

The opposition said that when the milk of its own state is a brand, then why does it need the milk of Gujarat. The opposition decided to take it to the common people and protests broke out across the state. Hashtags like Boycott Amul, Go Back Amul started trending on social media. Since then, a dispute has started in Karnataka regarding Amul.

Amul vs Nandini dairy products and price comparison

Amul ProductsPriceNandini ProductsPrice
Amul Cow Milk 1 ltr56Nandini cow milk 1 ltr40
Amul A2 Buffalo Milk 1 ltr70Nandini Buffalo Milk 1 ltr60
Amul masti cured per kg72Nandini curd per kg55
Amul Pasteurised butter642Nandini Pasteurised butter500

Amul vs Nandini overall comparison

Company NameAnand Milk Union LimitedKarnataka Milk Federation
Supply State287
Turnover61000 Cr19000 Cr
Total milkman joined36.4 Lakh24 Lakh
Daily Milk Collection2.63 Cr ltr84 Lakh ltr

Why Nandini dairy product cheaper than Amul dairy product

When KMF started in 1974, it was helped by the World Bank. KMF comes directly under the Ministry of Cooperatives, State Government of Karnataka. In the year 2008, the Government of Karnataka started giving incentives to the milk producing farmers at the rate of Rs 2 per litre.

Now it has increased from 2 rupees per liter to 6 rupees per liter.That’s why KMF is able to sell milk cheaper than other milk co-operatives in the country. Nandini occupies 70 percent of the milk market in Bangalore. There is a demand of 33 lakh liters of milk, out of which Nandini supplies 23 lakh liters of milk every day.

Amul Nandini Controversy
Amul Nandini Controversy

amul vs Nandini FAQ

Amul vs nandini milk price

The price of Amul milk is 56 rupees per liter and the price of Nandini milk is 40 rupees per liter.

Amul ghee vs Nandini ghee

The price of Amul ghee is 642 rupees per liter and the price of Nandini milk is 500 rupees per liter.

Is Amul Dahi safe

Amul curd is safe, but check the date on the packet before use.

Amul india net worth

Amul India’s total net worth till date is ₹52,000 crore (US$6.5 billion).

Nandini milk net worth

Nandini Dudh’s total net worth till now is ₹15,000 crore.

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